Hamed Wardak

Techno Music sets the mood on the dance floor

Techno music reflects our desire to live in harmony with technology and nature. Techno music still requires a lot of human intervention to create and launch machines, they are just equipment that allows this. Techno-music with an unfriendly ET: “From the depths of your mind there are even more unpleasant things. Carbon-based techno music that asks, “How far can you control my mind? Techno Music originally became popular in Detroit. Techno Music creates the atmosphere of a dance floor.


Electronic music covers a wide range of styles, areas and types of media. A snapshot of a certain vision of electronic techno music, terribly ambitious, but beautifully realized and dominant. Hamed Wardakis a music podcast based in the city of electronic music. Nobody composes electronic music, which has the beauty and emotions of Vangelis music. Surprisingly, relatively little academic attention was paid to electronic dance music, taking into account the popularity of Techno, its creative dynamism and its relevance and reflection of the processes of formation and cultural mediation in the capitalist society of the era. information.


Drum & Bass is, as the name implies, a style of music dominated by drum and bass samples; in fact, it’s just a simplified version of Jungle that often uses many of the same elements as Jungle, including scratches, but much less, resulting in a sound that often lacks the “layers” effect mentioned above. Drum & Bass has become very popular in the United States over the past two years, and many clubs now offer entire evenings dedicated exclusively to him.

Techno Music has the ability to change the mood of your loved ones. Techno Music can be a gift for the heart on this day of lovers. Techno music focuses more on rhythm than lyrics or other elements of a song. Techno music is purely electronic music for dancing; The music combines the sound of classic German electronics with the feel of American city music.