Know About IP Addresses

What You Need To Know About IP Addresses

IP address or internet provider protocol is an address that is assigned to any device that is made to connect to the internet like your computer, your printer and so on. Basically, there are 2 types of IP address assigned to you and those are your private and public IP addresses. Your private IP address are the type of space allocated by InterNIC that makes it possible for companies to make their own private networks while your public IP are your direct access over the Internet like web servers and so on. Aside from that, there are also 2 types of IP address the static and the dynamic. Static IP addresses are usually initiated per request basis, so usually and ideally by default IP addresses assigned are dynamic.

Over the years there had been some concerns about security while surfing the internet, this is because the people are now aware that their personal details are no longer safe. Because of this internet security, it has been a hot topic till this day. This is the reason why people are also becoming more aware of the various ways that hackers can use to get their details. 10 years ago, the security that most people know was only antivirus and firewall, now people know about dynamic and static IP, proxies and VPNs.

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Knowing your IP address:

In case you’re wondering and you’re asking yourself “what is my router IP address?” below you can find some helpful steps and don’t worry its very easy that you don’t even need to go to school for it. There are 2 ways, either you contact your ISP provider and ask for the details or you use apps or websites that offer such services and don’t worry, these things are usually free of charge (you’re welcome)

What is the use of IPs?

The use of IP addresses are for internet connectivity, for you to be able to tap into an ISP service. Provided, that your IP address is perfectly working.

Using VPNs and proxy:

Using proxy and VPNs are very popular since these offers security features that will help users protect their IP address. Proxy is basically used in order for places that you visit to not see your IP address while VPNs mask your IP address. This is the reason why you are able to tap into various countries and its exclusive applications and websites without restrictions. Choosing one after the other will depend on your needs and personal preferences. If you’re not sure, it’s better to call an expert.

IP addresses have been existent since the internet became mainstream, as stated in its name, it’s your address on the internet. There are some risks about waving around your IP addresses unprotected since its potentially something that people with motives might be used to access your personal details. This is the reason why people should be more cautious in browsing online and in lew of the recent controversies surrounding cybersecurity, these things should be taken seriously and it’s already high times to learn it even in a nutshell.