Desiccant Dryers for Compressed Air

The need for Desiccant Dryers for Compressed Air

What is the need of a Dryer for Air Compressor?

With the emergence of advanced technologies for drying, then came the desiccant dryers, air compressors, vacuum cleaners that are useful for general purpose. The compressed air dryer main purpose is easing the function of a compressed air system. The main function of any air dryer is keeping the machinery dry from the moisture present in the air by cooling it through a refrigerant. Nowadays the desiccant air dryers for compressed air had become very essential equipment in any industry. We cannot restrict the formation of moisture in the compressor, but if taken care of properly prevents the damage of pneumatic machinery, valves, air motors and other control parts with water by keeping it dry.

Among the desiccant dryers, the regenerative dryer and the twin tower dryer are usually used, the adsorption dryer is less used. Actually, the compressed air passes via the pressure vessel which has two towers. These towers are again filled with a media such as desiccant material, molecular sieve, silica gel, activated carbon and activated alumina other which helps to keep the container dry from water vapor as if the water gets accumulated there can damage the equipment either by corrosion or may form bacteria in the machine which is unhygienic.

regenerative dryer

Best of Desiccant Dryers for Air Compressors

In the world of manufacturing after water, electricity and natural gas, the next utility is the compressed air dryer which is used for both industrial as well as commercial purpose. The major difference between any compressed air driers is the agent or material that is used inside the machine to dry the water content inside them. They are divided into the following:

  • Regenerated Dryers- Cycling and Non-Cycling
  • Desiccant Drying Units
  • Heatless
  • Heated are available as both internal and external

Thus the air compressors are not only used in large operations but even the small businesses are getting benefited to use them for sanitation and power by this machinery. Even if the strength of employees is less in a firm the desiccant air dryers for compressed air or refrigerated air system both are useful to boost the production level and maintain the hygiene of working environment by keeping health and sanitation at good levels.


From the manufacturing of vehicles to the processing of foods the desiccants air dryers are the best used for air compressors as they keep the machine dry by either absorbing or by adsorption depending upon the material that is used inside the machine.