List of Cheap Mobile and Data Plans

Mobile Plan with Data Coverage

Since the inventions of mobile devices they are amazing tool for communication with people staying at different places. Well it is wise to choose the plan according to their financial status as some are going to be bit expensive on their pocket. Choose the plan that gives you unlimited talk, unlimited texting and data usage that you require for daily, weekly or monthly purpose. Figure out the cheapest mobile and data plan that does everything without any other add-ons be it any Smartphone.

List of Cheap Mobile and Data Plan Providers:

Well it is not necessary that every mobile plan covers data access. Few plans provide unlimited texting with fixed amount of talk and no data. For heavy data users both are must to be considered for effective communication as making calls, sending text messages and access their email account with efficient web browser.

T-Mobile Data Plan: This plan offers 100 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting and web connectivity at $30 to $60. It allows first 3GB to 5GB data to access at 4G LTE speed and then the data around 10GB reduces its speed.

Republic Wireless: This plan had become leader of cheap mobile and data plan that starts at $15 per month with unlimited calls, text and data plan to access 3G to 4G LTE at reasonable price.

FreedomPop: This plan is a national Sprint MVNO that serves best as Republic wireless with basic talk, text and data that runs on 4G LTE.

Verizon Data Plans: This plan is accessible at $40/month that allows 3GB data to use with unlimited calls and text.

Sprint Data Plans: It is one of the best cheap mobile and data plan that allows you to access 2GB data with unlimited calls and texting at $40/month.

AT&T Data Plans: This plan is affordable at $45/month with 6GB data and unlimited calls and texting.

Straight Talk Plan: This plan is very useful for heavy data users that offers unlimited mobile plan. The user can access 10GB data at high speed with 3G and 4G network that varies by users phone and location.


Don’t rush in hurry to purchase a plan that is not fit for you. Check the offers and services before choosing your plan and then avail their services of unlimited calls, texting and data usage. Act smart as does your Smartphone.