Get an industrial communication system for your business at ELPRO

Get an industrial communication system for your business at ELPRO

Wireless radio systems are the latest technological innovation used to meet the challenges of the business. These wireless communication systems solve many issues of your industry and service sector by providing security and stability to your calls. These industrial radio communication systems are a unique way of a communication system that helps you to be in contact with each other through several exterior subsystems. They are a set of exterior communication systems under every single wireless system. These subsystems help in providing various exterior communication requirements with exception of intelligence communications. These communication subsystem conduits of high-frequency communications, very high-frequency communications, ultra-high-frequency communication systems etc which automates the complete system.

This radio communication system consists of a transmitter, communication channel and receiver. This will help in transmitting the intelligence information from one point to another point the communication channel in between the transmitter and receiver will help you in providing a pathway between transmitters output and receivers input. You can transmit your information through these communication systems in two ways, that is either analogue or digital. There are many advantages of transmitting signals through the digital way such as increased immunity to noise in the channel and also outside interference is impossible to be prevented but still passes the signal properly. You can transfer various signals including geo signals, audio signals, computer data, voice data etc successfully in the same format as the transmitter. The only issue with the transmission of signals in a digital way is that it is very costly and complex because of satellite channels and optical fibres.

industrial radio communication systems

Before sending any signals through these industrial radio communication systems we need to modulate the signals and that is done through a modulator. This process of modulation includes changing parameters of the carrier wave according to the signal and changing the wave bandwidth accordingly. At ELPRO technologies the latest product is the 415 Condor series which has a long-range high speed wireless industrial radio which provides secure communications.

These condor series provide excellent communication with the secure and safe transmission of signals flexibly and reliably. This series has bulletproof reliability with I/O gateway functionality. They have been providing these communication systems for 35 yrs in industries in Australia. Communication systems at ELPRO are being provided for 35 yrs which will help you in focusing on the central secure industrial communications for both short a ding distances. The condor wireless series comes with a complete manual that does not require any software licence. It is easy to handle with high throughput and Modbus protocol support from I/O radios. This technology system provides you with a secure way to communicate in water and wastewater appliances. They have excellent quality products at these technology systems.