designated IP address

Brief note on having designated IP address

Having a dedicated IP address is valuable compared to shared IP address. IP is Internet protocol. This IP address plays a mandatory role in accessing the internet services all over the world from different servers. A specific IP address is provided to each and every single user to enjoy the internet services with no issue. You can locate my ip address through various sources from the internet search engines.

Sources available to check your PSc IP address:

In your PC only, if you want to know your pc IP address, it can be possible using your task manager tool. Just click on task bar and then click on task manager. Thereby, just click on more details button, there you will find performance button and then click on network adapter. In this way, you can find out your pc IP address very easily.

Internet protocol

For example, your pc operating system is windows 8.1; initially you are required to click on start button. Then type on view network connections. There you will get your pc IP address. If the desktop OS is windows 7, then simply you can open network connections by simply clicking on start button, followed by control panel. In this control panel, you will get view network connections as an option there. Additionally choose network connection, there you can check on the status of your network connection accordingly.

Having your own IP address rather than shared IP address:

  • Here reputation do matters you before going to share your IP address to some other ones. So, having your own IP address will bring you good fame, name and all. So do not share your IP addresses with third parties especially. Accreditation plays a vital role where accessing ability is only allocated to you being an owner and this accreditation also helps in improving deliverability. The efficient accessibility of having my own internet address then you can easily locate my ip address
  • Monitoring your own IP address lets you take necessary actions for the issues which may arise accidentally.
  • There is a set of white listing programs, which are available as these programs let you in having your own IP address only.


Depending upon your operating system, you can view the network connections and thereby you can simply check out your IP address.In technological view, if you want to know about your system IP address, you can search in Google. They will also tell the speed of your internet search too. Hence benefits of having own definite IP address is clearly discussed above.