The escalation of fake online dating profiles that appear in online dating applications is spreading like wildfire which caused a major stir among the people who uses online dating applications to seek partners in a relationship, eclipsing the sincere nature of this revolutionized way of meeting people online.

Sad to say, a lot of online dating apps have opened doors to scammers, identity thefts, sexual predators and other malicious personalities who are pretending to be a wholesome person by using fake names and profiles. Much worse is that there are already numerous reports of people getting victimized by these fake profiles and in order to protect you from them here are some important tips that I will provide for you and hopefully you’ll remember.

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SUBSCRIBE FOR ADDED FEATURES- Almost all online dating applications that are both available in Android and IOS are free but there are features that can only be unlocked through paid subscription. One of these features is filtering those who have verified profiles from real people. As you notice the majority of the users of online dating applications are availing of the free usage, limiting them only to free features which in return makes them exposed to different kinds of profiles and a lot of it, unfortunately, are fake profiles. Majority of the popular online dating applications only have 10-percent of its users that are dedicated to paid subscription while the rest are enjoying it for free. Although it cost you a couple of dollars for a monthly subscription, for sure you’ll be rewarded with genuine profiles from real people making it easier for you to like their profiles and wait to get matched.

NOT ALL VERIFIED PROFILES ARE REAL- You heard it right; not all verified profiles are real, some people use a different kind of scheme just to make their fake profile look real and genuine. If you happen to have a match and you have little doubt at the back of your mind, doing a little background check won’t be bad. You can already notice if that person is truly verified or just using a fake account if you ask them to meet them in person, if they’ll decline and give you lots of excuses then it’s time to hit the eject button and move on.

TAKE TIME TO VIEW THE PROFILE- Viewing a profile doesn’t just stop at looking at the pictures of your match in an online partnersuche app. You should take time to read their profile’s biographic information provided in it. This includes birth date, interests, hobbies, educational background and other interesting stuff. You should be in doubt if a person’s profile doesn’t have a clear explanation about her or himself because there’s a huge percentage that the person using that profile is there for something else and for sure it’s purely on the bad side.

REPORT SUSPICIOUS OR FAKE PROFILES- If you validate that profile that you’ve found is fake, you can instantly report it to the online dating app’s administrators and security before they can victimize other users. Just like what I mentioned above, it’s easy to spot a fake profile, they are either using another person’s picture, or a picture of a celebrity, a cartoon, a concept art, or anything unusual that you find odd to be in an online dating application. You can report it immediately since most online dating applications have a report button located somewhere on the screen.