How to Create Instagram Stories that Stand Out: Tips for Creative Storytelling

One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram and in particular, one of its features is stories. Instagram stories are a way for people to share live moments through photos or videos with friends and family. The popular social media platform is constantly changing as they try to incorporate new ways of communicating with others in an easy way. It can be frustrating when you forget to screenshot a photo or make a funny video, but doing so is definitely possible. Buying instagram likes can help you improve your brand’s reputation and increase your chances of being seen as an industry leader.

Here are tips for creating Instagram stories that stand out.

Use a good camera

If you are going to share something on Instagram and it is a photo or video, then you should have the best camera possible. The quality of your camera matters so try to get the best you can for pictures and videos that you want to showcase on Instagram stories.

Edit the photos and videos to make them more interesting

When you are creating an Instagram story, you need to upload photos or videos that are edited. If you don’t have the skills to do so, find someone who can do that for you. You will definitely want something with good lighting and a nice background. You also need to add creativity and excitement.

Use hashtags

When you are using Instagram stories, you will want to use the appropriate hashtags. Hashtags are tags that you add on your post and it allows other users to easily search for these hashtags and interact with them. You can be featured on a popular page so look for pages with good content and ensure that you interact with them and tell them about your story as well.



Create a fun username

When creating an Instagram story, you should always create a fun username that’s easy to remember. Other users can get to know you and interact with you better when you have a simple username.

Add filters

You can add filters which change the brightness, lightness and saturation of the photo or video that you are uploading to your Instagram story. This is important so use them well as they can add a whole lot of impact to your post.

Add a special touch

If you are going to be sharing something on Instagram, including a video or photo, then adding a special touch can make your story appear more interesting. You can change the music to some fun background music, add emojis to the photo and video or you can add stickers.

Use a cute title

When it is time to share something on Instagram stories and you have found the perfect photo or video, then make sure that you create a cute title so that it is easy for others to follow along.