Remove Zits After Shaving

The Effective Ways For Men To Remove Zits After Shaving

An out of a place pimple that seems to mysteriously appear after you shave is not very good to look at. You may think that this is hard to remove, but in reality, there are simple remedies on how to get rid of zits after shaving. However, there are also cases called Folliculitis wherein pimples appear when you shave coarse, curly hair. Let us go ahead and learn how to treat these after-shave skin problems.

Different Cases Of Pimples Caused By Shaving

Different Cases Of Pimples Caused By Shaving

As mentioned above, there are different instances wherein a pimple, or a group of pimples would appear after you shave. This can be very infuriating especially when you are getting ready for a special date, or you will face important people all throughout the day. Even a single pimple can already affect our confidence levels.

  • Cases of Isolated Pimples. Most of us have the habit to squeeze out whiteheads that are mildly filled with pus. This however, can cause trauma to the skin and can result in a pimple. When you have oily skin, you will have higher tendency to develop pimples after shaving. Not only on the face, but also in the armpits, legs, and even in the groin area.

How To Treat Isolated Pimples. NEVER squeeze the area! It will help if you apply a little bit of benzoyl peroxide to dry it out. Or, just let it be and it will heal on its own.

  • Cases of Folliculitis. When you have mildly painful and itchy pimples around a hair follicle, this is called folliculitis. This commonly appears on your neck or the pubic area. The follicle that is attached to the hair under the skin gets irritated while shaving. When it’s swollen, this means that it is infected.

How To Treat Folliculitis. You need a doctors’ prescribed clindamycin lotion or gel. When the infection is severe, antibiotics might be needed.

  • Cases of Recurring Pimples (Pseudofolliculitis barbae). Who is not irritated of recurring pimples? There are some instances that no matter how you take care of your skin, you buy products to help reduce them, still, they’re just there! Men with coarse, curly beards usually have this problem. When shaving, the hairs can pierce the skin which develops into ingrown hairs.

How To Treat Pseudofolliculitis barbae. A warm compress on the affected area is effective to relieve the inflammation. You may also need anti-inflammatory ointments.

Effective Ways To Prevent Pimples Caused By Shaving

Shaving is the most important part of the morning for most men. There are simple, yet effective ways for you to prevent developing pimples after you shave. Before using products that may worsen your pimples, here are the natural ways to consider:

  • Use a sharp and clean razor blade all the time.
  • Use hot water to soften the skin before you start shaving.
  • Always apply a shaving gel first and leave it for a couple of minutes before you start.
  • Shave in one direction, from top to bottom if possible.
  • Shave gently to avoid breaking the skin.
  • Apply a good amount of moisturizer after shaving to rehydrate your skin.

Caring for your skin is very important, even for men. We may think that only women have their complicated skin care regimen, but for men who have pimple problems especially after shaving, it is a must to take skincare into consideration before you pimples get worse. Before taking medications, make sure that you asked a prescription from your doctor.