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Shopping For A Dab Rigs Online

Dabbing has become an increasingly popular way to enjoy cannabis. But how does one go about selecting a dab rig online? There are plenty of options and brands available, so that it can be overwhelming for newcomers to the scene. We’ve created this handy guide to make the search less complicated and more manageable!


This article will provide information about some of the most popular types of dab rigs you’ll find online, as well as what their various parts do. We’ll also discuss how much each type costs, alongside giving recommendations on what makes a good value.


Dab Rigs & Wax Rigs have their roots in the glass bong, but they’ve developed into their unique category. You can find a wide variety of different styles, mainly due to technological advancements. Let’s go over the 4 main types:


Traditional Style: Cones and beakers are 2 of the most commonly seen styles. A traditional style dab rig comprises a chamber connected to a downstem which leads to a neck and flared mouthpiece. The size and shape will vary, depending on whether it’s made with glass or silicone materials. Usually, these devices feature an ice catcher in the middle, but some models don’t. The downstem is typically angled at a downward 30-45 degree angle. However, some choose to have a straight downstem. The neck of these models tapers down gradually to the mouthpiece, usually made from glass or silicone with an adhesive top.


dab rig

What about silicone? As you know, silicone material is becoming more and more popular because it’s practically indestructible and safe to use with all types of oils and concentrates. High-quality silicone dab rigs can be found online that look as good in person as they do in pictures, so don’t discount them because they’re “inexpensive”.


Another thing to mention is that the walls of a traditional style dab rig are usually shaped like cones or beakers, which allows for a more efficient hit. These devices were designed for people who prefer more minor hits, but you can always pack the chamber with more concentration if you like bigger ones.


Hybrid Style – If you’re not a fan of traditional styles and don’t want to take draws from titanium, quartz, or ceramic dab rigs, then a hybrid model might be the right choice for your next buy. You’ll still need an e-mail or torch to use one, but they can make your life easier because they’re compatible with several types of materials and ready to use right out of the box.