Furniture Hacks: How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

If you are moving into your first home, you are probably thrilled by the thought of furnishing it. When it comes to purchasing furniture, you realize that it costs more. If you do not want to put more strain on your already stretched budget, it is time that you know some tricks to save money when shopping for furniture.

Here’s how to furnish your home on a budget:

Learn how to prioritize

After buying a house, you will be overwhelmed with the need to fill every nook and cranny. As much as you want to fill it quickly, you do not need to drop a ton of money at once. If you are going to live in that place for the next thirty years, it takes time to look for furniture pieces that you can afford.

In the meantime, you should think about what rooms need to be furnished first. Your priority should be the rooms where you will spend most of your time. It can be the bedroom, living room or the kitchen. You do not need to furnish your basement yet.

Do your research

Research is easier these days because of the Internet. You can start with online furniture shops (for new furniture) or Craigslist (for used furniture). Whatever budget you set, there is always something for you. By shopping online, you will get a better idea of the styles and the price.

You can also browse more stores without spending money on gas. Since you cannot see the furniture until it is delivered, you just need to pay attention to the material or construction of the furniture. Keep in mind that hardwood pieces are more expensive than laminate pieces.

Compare prices

To find good deals, you should compare the prices at the onset. This can be challenging because this means waiting for the updated price list. The good news is that there are apps that automate the price-checking process – you just need to download it.

Try thrift stores

If you are not yet ready to buy new furniture, you can consider used pieces from thrift stores. When you consider this, make sure that you pay attention to dents, scratches and other signs of wear and tear. The key here is to assess whether you can fix the damage or not.

Know when to spend

There are some items worth investing new like mattress and sofas. You can buy used mattresses and sofas but it will wear out faster and in the end, it will be less comfortable to use. There is also the cleanliness factor. Think of some furniture pieces like appliances – if you buy new, you actually end up saving money.

Never hesitate to ask for cash discounts

There are stores willing to negotiate the price. If there is a chance that you will end up not paying the sticker price, you should consider it. The key here is haggling. Do not be afraid to haggle if it means getting a better price.