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Discover some of Melbourne’s great vintage furniture shops

 If you plan to renovate your home, you might like to consider searching in melbourne vintage furniture. Choosing a feature sofa or side table, armchair to clean up a room is quite fun. Yet so is just searching the different stylish offerings that you can find in vintage furniture shops.

Filling your home with pieces from furniture stores is convenient. Yet, there’s something different about a space with vintage and selected second-hand pieces. While choosing these one-off pieces, below are some of the online stores. Wherein you’ll find vintage investment pieces to downright bargain.

melbourne vintage furniture

Best online and local stores for vintage furniture in Australia


  • Vintage Vampt

Vintage Vampt is a mind-blowingly complete collection that is full of original furniture. Homewares and lighting from mid-century contemporary furniture to Australian and Scandinavian items. The company creator has been selling and collecting vintage pieces since 2000.

  • Modern Times

Joel and Amy from Melbourne-based shop Modern Times are experts in sourcing vintage Danish furniture. And contemporary Australian homewares and art. You’ll find almost everything from collectible Danish sideboards. In rosewood and teak to Hans Wagner armchairs.

  • Etsy

Etsy is another amazing place to search for vintage pieces, once you have time and know search terms. This site is usually updated, unlike any other site.

  • Collectika

This site has a wide selection of Parker pieces. This Sydney store is an expert mostly in reinstating 1950s, authentic retro furniture. Also, 1960’s, mid-century, and vintage collectibles. They sell a range of their modern accessories and furniture pieces which are worthy to view.

  • Kitsch Please

It is made by a Melbourne stylist. This selling and buying platform houses a small yet quality group of everything. From cheap to statement furniture and cheerful finishing touches. Usually, there is the latest stock that is uploaded, so it is worth checking.

  • eBay

eBay is also a great place to search for a second-hand vintage piece. Most need sand back or reupholstering yet it’s usually worth the effort for the price. Before you bid, it is also necessary to check the quality and ask questions about the condition of the item.

  • Red Rider

Red Rider will reduce you into the swing of things with their well restored and simple 20th Century pieces. They also give great prices, so you will still have your collection continued.

  • 84 Smith Street

If you have a discerning design eye, it’s only worth visiting 84 Smith Street. The owners are experts in locally sourcing the most eclectic and authentic items they can find. Even if you decide not to buy any furniture, still you will have full ideas on how to decorate your home.

These are some of the best online and local stores you can check out if you’re looking for vintage furniture.