Carriage bolts

All about Carriage bolts in industrial areas

What are carriage bolts? When you see a bolt-head which has a mushroom-like dome, with a square shaped neck below the head, you are looking at a carriage bolt. These bolts are also called “coach bolts” or “round head square neck” bolts. The purpose of this design with the square section is that when the bolt is put into a square hole or a round hole in the wood, the bolt automatically locks in place. Therefore, it becomes easy for the nut to be tightened at the other end.  Also, the bolt-head fits in flush with the rest of the surface, to make it level and flat. Of course, before fastening the carriage bolt, one has to drill a square or round hole through the surface to be fastened. These Carriage Bolts In Stainless Steel, Zinc and Galvanized are normally fastened to plates made of steel on both sides of the wooden girder to reinforce the strength of the wooden column.

Use of carriage bolts

Use of carriage bolts:

Carriage bolts made of galvanized stainless steel are mostly used for connecting two different sections of wood, to strengthen the wooden logs or girders. These are mostly used in the Railways, shipping industry and for defence purpose, and for construction of homes, wooden platforms like docks in the harbours, swing sets and wooden floors. Common examples of usage of carriage bolts are ship decks, dance floors, sheds and wooden stages. In addition to wood, carriage bolts can be specially manufactured to suit the fastening of other materials like metal also, with minor changes in their specifications.

Special Features of carriage bolts:

The Carriage Bolts In Stainless Steel, Zinc and Galvanized are manufactured in various sizes and dimensions comprising of length in inches, thread and diameter in inches. These are made of high-quality carbon steel which is anodized or electroplated, also commonly referred to as hot dipped galvanized steel. This gives the carriage bolt a nice and glossy finish which is safe to use in domestic and industrial areas. Since these bolts are used in several places which are exposed to forces of nature they are made rust-free through the electroplating process. Thus, they do not get affected by the oxidation or moisture in the atmosphere, giving them a longer life, and not causing any inconvenience to the user of the surface.