Buying A New House

Why Buying A New House Rather Than A Resale Is More Practical

As a prospective homeowner, one is faced with important decisions to be made regarding the purchase. These decisions are critical and the answers will affect the owner for the duration of his or her life. Should one buy a resale home or a brand new house for the family? While it seems difficult, the answer really is a no brainer, when choosing a house, especially to start a new family, buying brand new wins. Below are only a few of the reasons why. Continue reading and explore the many advantages of buying a brand new home.

Energy Efficiency

            Why would this matter to a new family? The answer? An energy efficient home translates to huge savings on utility bills by saving on electric consumption. New homes are now built on stricter codes and are built on “building envelopes” which talks about how tightly sealed a building is in terms of thermal leaks. This is simply talking about keeping warm air trapped in the winter months and in the same manner, keeping cooler air inside during the summer. Newer material and high-efficiency insulators push the boundaries for higher standards of efficiency ratings that newer buildings have to conform to before being allowed construction. Window designs have also contributed greatly to making a house as energy efficient as possible. Gone are the days of single pane windows, now we have double, triple and even quadruple windows to keep out or keep temperatures constant whether in the winter or summer.

Smaller Carbon Footprint 

            The newer building will also have a smaller carbon footprint when it comes to energy consumption on its built-in appliances and devices. New tech, like inverter technology, consumes considerably less electricity than their older counterparts and only newer homes would actually have this technology embedded in their appliances. While existing homes can be retrofitted, it would take money and most importantly, time to pull it off. A new and upcoming family may not have the resources or the time to pull off a retrofit. By buying a, you automatically get this along with the house.

Buying A New House

Little To No Repairs

            Like all that is brand new, a new home will require very little to almost no maintenance. Major repairs will not be required at all until a few years further along with its life. A resale home would have experienced wear and tear, no matter how well the previous owners have done their maintenance. You would actually lucky if they did any and the scary part is what about those things that needed fixing but never told anyone about? Nasty surprises are commonplace among used home buyers, right when they do not expect it. This is why new and built is the go-to choice when it comes to houses.

Intact Home Warranty

            A new home will come fully warrantied against damages anywhere from a year, 5 years and up to 20 years on roofing and structural integrity. This makes a new home an appealing choice to many buyers.

Final Word

            This list is not even close to complete, but just looking at a few will already steer you towards that final and most important decision in buying a home.