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Few people are aware of his age, but his influence is indisputable. The man bought, owned, and sold a large percentage of the best-selling real estate in the city of Miami. It’s just that no one knows. Marc Roberts Miami has created, co-created, and promoted billions of dollars of projects that inspire health, splendor, and wealth in key locations in Miami, including the Virgin Brightline Station, American Airlines Arena, Arsht Performance Art Center, the new Federal Justice Campus. And the new Federal Courthouse, and the Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Science.

Crowds of people who enjoy the fruits of his vision work do not know where they come from, and many people outside his circle may not even know his name. Thinking, energetic, intelligent, and timeless, Marc Roberts Miami chose to remain anonymous while inspiring runners and developing the impossible in real estate.


Back in the late 1990s, Marc did some research and found that Miami was a thriving marketplace full of opportunities. He moved from New York to Miami in 1998 and quickly saw the influx of wealthy people who moved to Star Island and bought expensive homes on the water. He saw Downtown as a very powerful place. Although everything was under construction in Miami, Marc saw the need for a less expensive life. He also knew that people who came to Miami and spent the money would want to be interested in the beach scene and that Downtown could provide that need to thrive with young people.

professional boxing

With that in mind, in 2003, Marc began merging the city center of Miami with Arthur Falcone. His idea was to cover the Park West area. Because it was just off the highway, it was a prime location. Marc envisioned the city’s authentic region, with its high peaks and pedestrian space full of resources. Before the construction, homeless people were living in the Marina Blue building, the One Thousand Museum, and now 900 Biscayne. Every day, thousands of freight trucks drove through the center of the Park West region to reach the nearest port. No one in the area invested, but Marc saw a dangerous but exciting opportunity.

Marc Roberts Total Profit

How much money does Marc Roberts Miami have? In this question, we spent 26 hours studying (Wikipedia, YouTube, reading books in libraries, etc.) to review posts.

The main source of income: Players

Total Cash is currently 2021 – about $ 118.4 Million.