Buying New-Launch Condo

Essential Things To Consider On Buying New-Launch Condo

If you want to get a condominium in Singapore, you have options to choose from. You can have either resale condos, new launch, and top condos. The resale condominiums have already constructed and are currently owned or occupied. The top condominiums that are close to receiving its Temporary Occupation Permit. The most ideal is the new launch or pre-launch condominiums. This condo is being constructed and open to all interested buyers. If you are planning to have a unit in the new launch condo, choose the Fourth Avenue Residences.

The place has the beauty of a brand new unit with all the fixtures and fittings are in prime condition. Buying unit on this residences will spare you time and money in the long run. You can ensure that all the fixtures and facilities are new. This means not having to spend precious time fixing or replacing something. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the place has the comfort and security you need.

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Capital Appreciation

You are best-placed to reap most capital appreciation, as the first owner of the property. Buying directly from the developer means you are cutting out the middleman. You can get the apartment at what you might call the ‘wholesale’ price. Often times, the residences will give a buyer’s discounts. This way, you can prevent costly payment unlike when you hire agents in the buying process. The place is great if you opt to live longer. You can have the utmost facilities all the time. You don’t get to spend over and over again on the same things. This is the good side of buying a condo unit, you won’t worry about the monthly payment like the rental homes. You can ensure your comfort and security as well.

If you are ready to sell the unit, this will give you the best investment as well. As the cost of a land area increases over years, the condo unit cost might as well increase. You can have a healthy profit line this way. Yet, make sure to occupy the unit for 4 years and more to prevent Seller’s Stamp Duty on your sale.

Greater Choice of Units

Developers usually make the majority of their sales at their launch. It is better to book your buy earlier or during the construction on the units. Today, there is still a limit number of units available for potential buyers to choose from. It is way essential to have yourself listed among the interested buyers. This will ensure you of having a greater chance of securing prime units.

Having a unit being in prime condition prevents you from defects liability. Often times, you are not obligated to repair any damage or defect in the unit. The company will cater any damages since the unit is new. You can ensure to have the facilities and amenities in the area. This way, you likewise suffice your daily needs, like foods or transportation.