Fresh, Nutritious, And Real Food For Your Dogs

Fresh, Nutritious, And Real Food For Your Dogs

Most dog owners are used to giving their dogs store-bought dog food. Whether it’s wet or dry food, they feel that this is the only way that their fur babies will be able to get all the nutrition that they need. What they are not aware of is that now, they can order fresh and nutritious cooked food for their dog. That’s what is offered at Different Dog.

Introducing, Different Dog

Different Dog has a mission to change dogs’ lives by giving their owners the chance to have access to fresh and nutritious real food. Each of the recipes they offer is unique depending on your dog’s breed. They are hand-cooked made of freshly-sourced ingredients. This means that just like you, your pooch can start enjoying fresh food and nothing of those nasty grains.

Different Dog will do all the cooking for you. Everyone knows that the nutritional needs of humans are different than those of dogs. And Different Dog understands that. Here, they prepare a well-balanced recipe for dogs from scratch. Just real food and no industrial processing involved.

Different Dog

Also, Different Dog have a good understanding about the science of dog nutrition. They have an expert vet, canine nutritionist, and a behaviorist onboard who personally checks and approves each of the recipe and ingredients used. At Different Dog, they make sure that the food they send you is something that your dog would surely love.

Dog Food – One Size Fits All?

No two dog breeds are alike. That is why when it comes to their food, you can’t say that ‘one size fits all.’ For example, a Shih Tzu and a Dobermann definitely do not eat the same amount. That is why the volume and the calories should be taken into consideration when giving them home-cooked meals. And if you are not sure if you know how to do this right, then it is best to order it from the experts – Different Dog.

Why Choose Different Dog?

There are plenty of reasons why you should start ordering your dog food from Different Dog online. First, they have a mission to change the pet food industry for the better. That is why they focus on providing dogs with real and fresh food at all times. They also make sure to prioritize sustainability. And all of that will result to a healthier future for all dogs out there.

Like humans, dogs have nutritional needs. And many dog lovers out there are now switching from store-bought food to real and fresh food for their fur babies. And if this is something that you are not confident of doing on your own, then trust the experts. Visit Different Dog today and check out the services they offer online.