How Accountants and lawyers benefit significantly from plain language

How Accountants and lawyers benefit significantly from plain language

For service providers, plain English has become a distinguishing attribute. It also plays a crucial role in triple bottom line reporting and corporate transparency and accountability. Your brand’s voice is formed by the materials you produce.

Do your company’s documents help to promote its brand?

The majority of lawyers and accountants Geelong aspire for success in their spoken presentations. However, they frequently write in a style that makes it appear to be trying to “sound like an accountant.” In the paperwork that accountants arrange for clients through law companies, the problem of a document “sounding like a lawyer” (ugh!) might be even worse. These documents can be challenging to decipher.

You almost probably have a good command of the English language. However, do you recall why you write?

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Consider the various reasons why you would want to write. Some of these purposes are advising, persuading, enlightening, educating, obtaining information, promoting, and so on. Although we write for various reasons, most of us employ the same style most of the time. People appear to develop a professional voice. They want to come across as professional. As a result, they choose to write in a “formal” and “traditional” style. However, “formal” and “traditional” do not equate to “professional.” It’s obnoxious and out-of-date.

Let’s move on from the goal to the target audience. What are the most popular styles among readers?

We know the type of document we desire when we think like a reader. However, as authors, we frequently fail to write in a style that we enjoy reading. Consider the following question: What is the best type of business writing that you receive at home? Then ask yourself, “Would you…could you do you, at work? Perhaps you are correct. But consider the following:

Retail customers and investors

First, when your commercial clients go home at the end of the day, those same folks are retail customers and investors. It’s almost guaranteed that they want the documents they read to make sense, transparent, and simple to work within that capacity. And it’s almost sure that they feel the same way about the documents they read at work – even if no one would mistake them for a retail team member.

Your preferable emailing style

Second, do you write your emails in the same manner as you write your letters? Unlikely. Which style is preferred by your most commercial clients? There is, without a doubt, a range of styles. At one end of the range is a quick, informal administrative email; at the other, a letter is included in a prospectus.  Clients are likely to be happier if you wrote many of your letters in a manner comparable to that of your more official emails.


¬†Hence it depends on who you’re talking to and what you’re trying to accomplish. For instance, keep it professional and traditional if you’re writing to a lawyers and accountants Geelong or government regulator to request an indulgence like a time extension or a waiver of penalty costs.