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Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of Injury Claim Settlement

You survived a traumatising car accident but it is not yet finished because you still have to consider one daunting thing – injury claim settlement. As soon as the settlement negotiation process begins, you should have a strategy in place to make the most out of your injury claim settlement. Here are some tips that you can consider:

Figure out the settlement amount
You have to put together a settlement demand letter. For this, you need to include a settlement amount. However, before you talk to an adjuster about your demand, you should figure out a reasonable minimum settlement figure. You need to cling to the amount you originally set you will know whether it meets your level or not.

auto accident lawyer

If the adjuster pointed out some facts that you did not consider making your claim weaker, that is the only time that you lower your figure. If you discover something that can make your claim stronger, you need to revise your minimum upward.

Do not be pressured to take the first offer
You have to know that it is normal for adjusters to start with the low settlement amount. In fact, there are others that deny liability. These are just their tactics to pressure you to make a decision or to give in. You have to show to the adjuster that you understand the worth of your claim.

When you receive the first offer, you have to decide whether it is reasonable or not. If the offer is reasonable, it will reflect that you are willing to compromise. With this, you can quickly get a final settlement, which you both think is fair.

Let the adjuster justify the low offer
If the adjuster makes a low offer, it is obviously a tactic to see if you know what your claim is worth. When this happens, do not change the amount in the demand letter. Instead, you should ask the adjuster to give you reasons why the offer is low.

auto accident lawyerMention emotional points
When you are engaged in negotiations, it will be to your advantage if you emphasize emotional points that will support your claim. There is no dollar value when it comes to emotional points but you can use it to your favor. Let the adjuster see a severe injury or mention how the accident interfered with your ability to look after your child. Appealing to their emotions can make a difference at the end of the day.

Know when to call a lawyer
If you think that the negotiations are not going well, it is time that you consider auto accident lawyer near me. An attorney will increase your odds of winning over the settlement. You have to consider a lawyer to help with your cause. Remember that if you suffer injuries, legal issues will become more complicated and your lawyer can help with that.