best insurance for your pet

How to choose the best insurance for your pet?

Pet insurance is a private insurance coverage offered by a number of companies. Buying an insurance policy for your pet is very important as it will help you deal with any critical situation you would face if your pet falls sick. There are many policies available but there are certain things to check while you insure your pet.

There are many different policies available based on which you can claim your insurance:

  • Per condition with a 12 month limit – Insurance coverage is provided up to the veteran fee limit or 12 months whichever is reached first. After that you will not be provided any coverage towards the cost of the treatment. These types of policies are most competitive in terms of premium that is payable.
  • Per condition limit – Insurance coverage is provided up to the veteran fee limit. Once the limit is reached, you will not be provided any further coverage for the treatment.
  • Per condition per year – In this case, the policy is covered for an entire year up to the veteran fee limit for any condition. When the policy is renewed the veteran fee is also renewed and hence, whatever treatment you give to your pet it is covered by the policy. The cost of the premium is higher.

pet insurance policy

There are also many other benefits available which are covered under pet insurance policy. When you are buying any policy, you must look whether your insurance is covering those benefits or not. Things to check while you insure your pet:

  • There are policies available which provides coverage for the costs of treatments like acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, hydro therapy.
  • You can claim insurance in case of death caused by accident or illness, loss or theft of your pet.
  • If you are travelling abroad and wish to carry your pet along with you, insurance will also provide you foreign travel for your pets.

Hence, it can be said that there are too many different types of policies available for your pet. You have to choose your policy very carefully. Choose the one which gives you coverage for most of your expenses. If the treatment becomes too costly, it will not be covered under insurance. You have to pay the veteran fee which may be a burden for you. Buy a policy that will cover the costs of the treatment if your pet falls sick and is unwell for almost a year.