Remove Marijuana Substance From Your System

The Best Ways To Remove Marijuana Substance From Your System

Marijuana has many benefits if used with moderation, but helping you pass a drug test does not count. The use of cannabis is legal to some states and acceptance are becoming widespread. But, there are still workplaces that require employees for urine screening. As a result, many people are not preparing or did not see this test coming. Most of them are seeking answers on how to get weed out of your system. For those who have the knowledge, they can detox marijuana the natural way in a certain period. But, there are some also who could not completely flush marijuana off their body. The drug test for employment purposes might be a surprise for them. Since they could smoke out of recreational preference or medical necessity. In these cases, they tend to fail the test. Thus, it is important to know the best ways of removing THC from your system. Here’s your guide to passing the drug test and to know the possible ways of removing the substance of your body.

How to figure out if you are drug-free?

Before you even take a drug test, you need to know yourself if you are drug-free. If there is someone who knows the result of the test, it is you. So, you better take note that marijuana or the THC level produce psychoactive effects. This substance handles of getting you high and further fail your result. The THC will remain in your tissues for some time depending on some factors. To figure out if you are drug-free, you need to undergo the drug test specifically urine screening. And to remove the weed out of your system, you need to determine the amount of THC and its metabolites in your body. The screening test that you need to go and its level. This way, you could adjust the ways to pass the results.

Removing Marijuana From Your System

Determine The THC in your Body

There are many factors to know how much THC is in your body. The main thing is to determine the length of time or the post-consumption. Your blood level rises after you smoke cannabis.and breaks down into THC metabolites. These factors linger in your system that makes it would likely show up on a urine drug test. For most cases, they have a half-life of 1 week and that means that they are detectable by 50% at the end of this time frame. Thus, cannabis consumption ceased out after four weeks of consumption. Note that when smoking cannabis, there are huge chances of failing future drug tests. So, consider the time frame you are ingesting it in your body and detoxify before taking the test. If you can’t fit in the given time then, dilute your urine or use synthetic urine kit.

Removing Marijuana From Your System

The natural method of detoxifying is the best way to remove the THC level from your system. But, For short notice, you can use the synthetic urine test or dilute the sample. By diluting, drink plenty of water before filling up the sample bottle. This would also give you lower metabolite levels. This balancing act needs you to drink water that is not too much to make it looks legit or create your own fake pee. The synthetic urine kit works best to pass the test and free your result from any drug in a way.