good protein powder

How to choose a good protein powder

Mass enhancers are those products that are made from proteins, carbohydrates and fats; so although these three macronutrients are necessary in all types of diets, these are not recommended to enhance the growth of muscle mass, following an adequate diet, since the inclusion of more ingredients, generates an increase in caloric intake for each portion

The best source of protein that we can choose

 When we are looking for a supplement for our diet. Currently there are three main types of whey protein supplements in the market:

The prestige of the brand

As it happens when buying clothes, being that the most expensive brands use better elements for the manufacture of fabrics, something similar happens with the protein. When choosing a product, we must try to make it a respectable brand.

high protein supplements

The companies that have existed in the business for more than three years are because they are able to make an excellent product, and people who are already more informed about the subject, look for them. If you do not know about brands, do not worry, we have written reviews of some proteins that we highly recommend.

The purity of the product

A product with high protein supplements content will not always be better than a product that uses proteins in good condition and pure form. Although it is impossible to find a supplement that brings protein in its entirety, it is always advisable to look for those that have between 7 and 10 ingredients, and eventually, that these are mostly natural.

Many companies of low prestige use misleading advertising, adding “added ingredients” on the labels that enhance the absorption of proteins and therefore, the growth of muscle mass. However, it must be taken into account, that although these additives are present in the product, it has a negligible presence, and they are not sufficient to guarantee the results that they promise. In addition, they usually have a stratospheric price, so they are not even worth considering.