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How Should You Treat Head Lice? Get advice from lice doctors Indianapolis

One can buy many products from a local grocery or a drug store to get rid of their nits and head lice. Such products are available without any prescription. The following tips are offered by lice doctors Indianapolis for using such products:

First Treatment 

Read and follow the prescribed directions carefully 

Using a lice shampoo generally involves lathering it into your hair and leaving it on for a minute or two before you finally rinse it.

Apply a particular product to the head of a person and then rinse it out with running water in a sink or a spray hose

Products for getting rid of lice should not be used while taking a bath or a shower. It is recommended that you limit the number of times the product touches your skin.

Use a single product. 

Using more than one product for treating head lice might be harmful. If it is necessary to use two different products, your dermatologist will let you know about the two products you are to combine.

Use the amount stated on the product.  

Using more amounts than what is prescribed by the product might be harmful.

lice doctors Indianapolis

Make use of the lice comb that the shampoo comes with 

The teeth of the lice comb are closer as compared to those of a regular comb. Such placement makes the removal of lice and nits much easier.

Have a look at your hair about 8-12 hours succeeding the treatment 

If the lice seem as active as before, the medicine probably is not working for you. Do not go for treatment again. Instead, talk to your dermatologist. You might need a different lice medicine.

Next Day 

If the medicine is working, you will want to:

  • Wait for two days before you wash your hair ,This way, the medicated product gets more time to work effectively.
  • Continue combing through your hair by using a lice comb at least once a day. Doing this for two to three weeks assists in ensuring the fact that you will get rid of the lice.

Seven to nine days advance to the first treatment 

Retreat as the package recommends 

All the products that one can buy without a treatment recommend retreatment. It is usually don’t after 7-9 days of your first treatment. A lice shampoo often tends to be successful at killing lice and not nits. Retreatment is necessary to kill all the surviving lice that hatched after your first treatment.


Two treatments generally help to get rid of head lice. In case it does not, the treatment might not be working for you. Make an appointment with lice doctors Indianapolis to get rid of lice.