good Pilates Instructor

Discover how to identify a good Pilates Instructor

We are Pilates instructors, that the population does not know our profession does not make it invisible. We exist and thanks to that our society is better.

Our activity should be regulated to avoid training Pilates instructors online or in a few weekends, or on many weekends but continue to ignore that the important thing is not to move but to make feel what you should feel moving for that can be cured BECAUSE WE CURE.

Our profession should be developed in hospitals, health centers and schools and be available to all citizens because they support it with their taxes.

Why it’s important that you put yourself in the hands of real professionals

The Ministry of Health encourages us to go for a walk. How to go for a walk if your hips or back hurts? Or even worse, that you go for a walk because you do not hurt anything but you do not know that you have a bad footprint. It is very possible that you feel low back pain in a short period of time.

Pilates Instructor in Austin

Doctors and anti-inflammatories

And when does  Pilates Instructor in Austin  it hurt and the doctors send you anti-inflammatories or analgesics in the clinic, what will you do? Take them, and the pain will pass. It will happen to you today, because in a while, not long, the pain will return. It will be increasingly difficult to remove the pain with the anti-inflammatory, because the anti-inflammatory does not cure, it takes away the pain but it does not cure your malalignment and your contractures .

The physiotherapist

And  if you are lucky and do not want to operate without first trying other less invasive alternatives, then you go to a physiotherapist. If the physiotherapist has vision, he will not only apply heat and ultrasound and radio waves, he will not only send you some exercises home (which are not usually done) and he will give you a massage. But also, it will tell you that you are going to do Pilates.