Who Is the Best Live Example of Being a Successful Entrepreneur?

Achieving your dream in life is difficult and you must put your full effort and ability to achieve them. You need to sacrifice and struggle a lot to fulfill your dreams in life. Many successful people became top entrepreneurs through their continuous effort, sacrifice, and pain in life. They act as the best examples for budding entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has become the foremost ambition for many people in this world. You need to gain certain skills and abilities to become a successful man in business and the top business person like richelieu dennis are ready to guide the student entrepreneurs in developing their skills. He is one of the successful entrepreneurs of a sundial brand that is popularly known for its beauty products.

Growth Of His Brand

  • After completing his graduation, Dennis started craving his role of ambition in life. Initially, he had the plan of starting citrus farming in his native country but unfortunately because of the civil war he had an issue in returning to his native Liberia. He has overcome many color discriminations for women in his mother country and so he planned to start up a hair and skin care product for black women in New York.
  • Dennis mainly planned to start this company to fix the common problem of beauty inequality in the country. He steadily joined hands with the roommate and mother to develop a home care skin product for the black women in the world. He followed the traditional method of preparing products based on the recipes he gathered from his grandmother.
  • This finally results in the Sundial with immense popularity and growth. The products manufactured contain high quality and benefits in it and they are completely safe for the skin. Then in 2017, a top company called Unilever has gained the Sundial brand with the groundbreaking and landmark deal of $100 million new voice fund of investing in the empowering of women black entrepreneurs around the world.
  • He mainly used shea butter for his product manufacturing as it is the common product used in west Africa to protect themselves from the sun, eat and survive in the world. Then, by joining hands with top companies he started making soaps, hair products, creams, and other products needed for the skin.
  • He gradually started marketing his products to other countries through direct retailers. This made a greater differentiation and reach of products worldwide and the brand attained its top growth and awards for its success. He also plays the role of social activist and provides education and investment to many black women and girls. He worked hard to avoid color discrimination in the country.