Do you want to understand the main differences between a professional video surveillance system and a “do it yourself” forbelvideo surveillance kit ?or do you want to know the main characteristics of a video surveillance system to understand which is the best possible solution? Well, in the short guide that follows, we will illustrate the main elements you need to keep in mind for the conscious purchase of a video surveillance system using theVideo Surveillance Installation Service in Chicago.

We can consider the world of video surveillance systems divided into two parts:

  1. Classic closed circuit TV system with analog video signal transmission ;
  2. Network or IP video surveillance .

CCTV closed circuit system

Each camera, in a classic CCTV system, captures and transmits a standard video signal to a centralized recording unit, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to which it is directly connected. Each camera is connected to the DVR through coaxial cables through which the video signal is transmitted, which is “processed” by the DVR itself which deals with digitization, compression and recording on an internal hard disk.

How much does a professional video surveillance system cost?

The answer, without a shadow of a doubt, is IT DEPENDS . There are several elements that determine the final price of a video surveillance system: quality of components, technology used, number of cameras needed to keep everything under control and etc.

The basic logic of the professionals in the sector is the following: “little but good” . It is preferable to have few but excellent cameras, positioned in strategic points than many poor cameras positioned badly. It is essential, for the purposes of the price, to choose the right cameras for the purpose pursued for example to monitor the interior of the premises it is advisable to use mainly indoor cameras, which, on the contrary, are not suitable to be used to control the outside. of the premises as they are not resistant to bad weather.