Police Officer

Understand How to Help A Police Officer 

If you are ready to become a police officer, it is essential to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this profession. Although this job is satisfying for many, it is always appropriate to consider the disadvantage of being a police officer, as it is undoubtedly a demanding and dangerous job. National Police Association is an organization you can work with to help the police in danger.

The US Department of Labor has ranked this job as the fifth most dangerous job in the United States. Being a police officer, you have to be vigilant all the time. It is not easy to tackle all the difficulties, and the police must deal with all kinds of crises, from petty thefts or riots to murder. Criminals and gangsters are always against the police officer and can continue to commit suicide because of their selfish interests. This could be for various reasons, and the officer could have punished them or sent them to prison. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that this is not just another 8-hour job where you have to be very careful with the convicts all the time. Working as a police officer is extremely dangerous, even when you are not in uniform. During the rest period or even during the holidays, you may encounter any unfavorable situation. Even an attack from criminals can be expected, which is why you must always be alert.

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This job also requires a lot of responsibility and long working hours, and you can be called at any time in case of an emergency until 3 pm is no exception. Work stress and exhaustion are prevalent in this career where you have to deal with a hectic schedule every day.

To become a police officer, you must instill an unparalleled passion for the profession. If you are not determined to serve and are not good at managing stress, you should not choose this profession. Only those who love to help and aim to eliminate the growing crimes in society can become police officers. A police officer cannot enjoy everyday family life due to his job’s holistic nature and can become a victim of extreme frustration, alcohol, and drugs. Even the suicide rate is very high among police officers due to excessive stress and pressure.

Despite the above facts, police officers are generally devoted to their profession, so much so that even if they had the opportunity to choose another career, they would not choose any other job. Sometimes the reason is extreme patriotism or loyalty. Sometimes, the big advantages and benefits such as a good salary, health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, retirement plans, sick leave, weapons, and uniforms are the attractive factor. However, the reality remains, this profession surpasses other career paths due to the dedication and immense respect it requires from the general public and the country.