The Man Behind the Most Reliable & Safest Mapping Technology

In a world where people rely on the internet and technology, it’s no surprise if we become helpless if both of these tools disappear. Smartphones are one form of modern technology that almost everybody uses, and it has played a huge part in making our everyday life easy. We can’t deny that we rely on phone applications to help us with our daily lives, may it be for work or entertainment. Without these apps, smartphones are only used for calls and sending text messages. Our lives revolve around social media apps and the like.

Ted Farnsworth is one of those extraordinary men who created one of the most useful apps we may ever encounter. RedZone is a simple phone app that uses mapping technology to help travelers that are new to a particular country. Let’s learn more about this amazing application here.

The Success of RedZone

Traveling is one of the best luxuries in life. Going to an unfamiliar place and breathing in new scenery can be refreshing to the mind. But going to a place you don’t know has its dangers, which is why it’s important to keep yourself safe by avoiding these places before anything bad happens to you. RedZone is an app that does just that. With its amazing mapping technology, you can use the app to see which places you should avoid. Since crime is prevalent in some countries, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are traveling to another country next time, RedZone is a very useful app to download and install on your phones. It is designed to create a safe route for you when you’re in an unfamiliar country. Crime is widespread and avoiding places where crimes always happen is better.

How RedZone Came to Be

Theodore “Ted” Farnsworth is the founder and CEO of the app, RedZone. In 2015, he was traveling in Jerusalem and realized how extensive crime can be in so many countries. Going to a country just for the experience is worth it, but going to a dangerous part of that country has consequences. Ted thought of a way to help his fellow travelers avoid these places by creating an app that can protect them, and this is what RedZone is all about.

RedZone does crowdsourcing to acquire data, and it works similarly to social media. The data acquired is then used to pinpoint where crime always happens. This is how RedZone delivers the information to your phone, depending on your location.