The best oil paintings by Richard Stanley

The best oil paintings by Richard Stanley

Art is a diverse range of human activities. It engaged in auditory, performed artifacts, creating visual and artworks. It expresses imaginative or technical skills. Which they intend to appreciate for their emotional or beauty power. The oldest documented form of art is the visual arts. It includes objects in fields like printmaking, photography, sculpture, painting, and other more. The architecture often included the visual arts. This involves the creation of the objects. The practical considerations of use are essential. That they usually are not in another visual art as a painting.

The art may characterize in the terms of reality. The communication of emotion and expression. The definition of the constituted art dispute and changed over time. The general description is the idea of technical or imaginative skill. From human agency and creation. When identifying the work of art there is no single set of values traits.

The indefinable nature of art there will always exist with certain formal guidelines. For its aesthetic judgment and analysis such as Tasmanian oil painter Richard Stanley. Formalism is an art theory in which an artwork’s artistic value is set on its form or how made. It evaluates works on a visual level. It considers medium and compositional elements. About any reference to context, content, and realism.

The benefit of Art

Art was the language thousands of years ago. Mankind told stories through the pictures drawn on the cave walls. Through the years, artists have communicated through drawings, architecture, sculptures, and paintings. Sorrow, anger, peace, and joy are the emotions. And the experiences of the artists that share in a line or a splash of color. Here are some mental health benefits of art:

Stress Relief

Activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography. Are somewhat relaxing and rewarding hobbies that can lower down your stress level. And it also leaves you feeling mentally calm and clear-minded. Creating art provides a distraction and gives your brain a break from usual thoughts. When you engage in creativity you may find yourself in the zone or a state of flow.

The coloring books create stress relief in the mind. It has become an acceptable adult form of expression. A lot of therapists are supportive of this kind of movement and they believe that coloring can act as a gateway. To reach more people who could have benefited from art therapy. This also works with the transition of military veterans. Those are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lessens chronic health conditions

A lot of people deal with chronic health conditions. The stress, depression, and anxiety that go with them. They have found that visual arts and music affects the patients in positive ways such as:

  • Creating art enables them to maintain the identity of who they were before they got sick
  • Art lessens the stress by lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • The creation helps the patients to express their feelings
  • Art lets them forget about their illness in the meantime. And allowing them to focus on the positive outlook of life experiences.

Improving life for dementia patients

Art enhances cognitive abilities and memory for people with serious brain disorders. Dementia is a memory loss problem. But patients also experience aggression, anxiety, and insomnia. The drugs that treat dementia symptoms are not successful. The patient is encouraged to create visual art and they derive pleasure from it.