Alexei Orlov

Specialization of intellectual and social information of Alexei Orlov

Alexei is just the chairman and Director of MTM Choices Global, a Premium Corporate Group with a global reputation. Alexei Orlov decided to establish and operate MTM. Compared to getting out all his own, he already spent nearly 20 years mostly in worldwide marketing as well as global business development professions. MTM Selection has headquarters in Milan, China, but also London in the United States.

MTM Choice is made up of Sub Rosa, which serves over 120 customers across the world with its proprietary software. MTM Choices Worldwide most successfully increased $30 million through two purchases and has been looking for more.

Specialized in intellectual and social information

He was the International Managing Director of RAPP at Core Conversation Global before founding the MTM Selection Global network. After joining the organization in 2014, Alexei’s widely acclaimed worldwide branding overhaul was responsible for the bank’s return to profitability.

Alexei Orlov has a track record of success in worldwide brand strategic and tactical, as well as an integral part of organizational management and business implementation. He has fought hard to attain great success in worldwide marketing.

Alexei Orlov

Sales promotion and proposition in ASEAN

Orlov was also responsible for most of Volkswagen Companies’ sales promotion as well as unique selling proposition in ASEAN as well as Southern Asia. When he became a member of Volkswagen’s top management group, he was indeed collectively responsible again for the company’s most valuable regional corporation’s commercial success.

This was the firstly national sales organization for the whole Volvo Organization as just a worldwide brand campaign manager for General Motors and just a marketing manager for Volvo United kingdom. In particular, Alexei was the founder of two additional successful firms, MCW but also Orlov Consulting, all of which specialized in marketing communications.

What Alexei wants?

Alexei wants to establish as well as allowing competent individuals to grow in the greatest available atmosphere. He feels that being allowed to involve in a compensation plan is now the most effective means of attracting the quality you desire. Smart, talented individuals require a level of engagement that extends throughout their employment. Orlov has long believed that recruiting talent as well as empowering them to contribute to the automaker’s strategy and planning is about more than representative democracy, particularly if individuals bring unique and important views to the board.

Orlov must have woven together with an extraordinary professional career of achievement and advancement that spans decades & continents.