Brandon Webb Navy Seal

Pointers To Remember About Brandon Webb, Navy SEAL Chief

After earning respect from his colleagues and from fans all over the world, what is Brandon Webb Navy Seal up to today? Today, Brandon Webb has been focused on his businesses, building companies and offices and then, investing in the tech industry. He has established himself further by becoming the founder of a US-based men’s lifestyle brand Hurricane Group, with digital publishing and e-commerce products such as watches. He is also the co-founder of a modern third-party fulfillment company known as GSD Logistics.

Media features

Because of his achievements, Brandon Webb Navy Seal has been featured in the media as a business success and military success, and expert on various subject matters. Some of the networks and companies that he has been featured to include ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “Today Show” on NBC, FOX News, BBC, CNN, Sirius XM, MSNBC, and newspapers such as The New York Times. You can read more of Brandon Webb’s features from these media channels. You can also search for his name online to take a look at more of his achievements and accomplishments.

Brandon Webb Navy Seal

New York Times bestselling author

This man is a true prodigy and passionate in his craft. Aside from his achievements in the military, he is also a New York Times bestselling author with books that include “The Red Circle” published by St. Martin’s Press, “Among Heroes,” published by the Penguin-Random House, “Total Focus,” also comes under the publication of the Penguin-Random House, and finally,  “Mastering Fear,” once again under the publication of the Penguin-Random House. These are not the only books that Brandon Webb has had. This Navy SEAL chief also has several other titles published under the young adult readers category. Isn’t he an inspiration?

IBrandon Webb Navy Sealmportant matters

Back in 2012, Brandon Webb lost his best friend, Glen Doherty who was also a Navy SEAL and CIA contractor. If you can recall the happenings in Benghazi, Libya, you can be able to identify the connections. Afterwards, he founded the Red Circle Foundation, a non-profit group that collects money and then goes to the mission and business partner donors to support families of  Special Ops communities through medical programs, child development programs such as camps and scholarships and various emergency programs.

Webb is also active in the youth circle. He serves as member of the New York YPO or the young presidents organization and board member of the veterans advisory committee to the U.S. small business administration.

In his spare time, he spends his valuable effort with his family, friends and colleagues, enjoys the outdoors and visits various places around the world.