Lawn Mowing

Keys to the Perfect Lawns – Guide To Green Lawns

We all have seen the lush green lawns & wondered how to manage and get them so lush. A perfect lawn is the continuous hard work of love and needs ongoing effort and care. This mowing guide will help you with the right knowledge you want to create a perfect lawn; and results can vary depending over what kind of grass you are having.


In the March month your lawn may start growing and first cut must always be done when your grass is dry & early in day or maybe late on, around one hour before the sundown. So, whatever the top setting on the lawn mower is, just use it. When its first cut is done you must look to mow once in a week and more frequently as warmer weather comes. From its second cut & other cuts they have to be done at the lower height setting, can be between 5cm to 7cm and maintained throughout spring and summer.

 Lawn Mowing

Tips for mowing

  • Make sure you are using sharp blades – it avoids ragged cuts that will quickly deaden the lawn.
  • Early is always best before sun gets high – it limits scorching the grass.
  • Suppose moss is one big problem then consider rising on cutting height – it can shade any moss out & must die back over winter.
  • Alternate your mowing direction – it encourages the healthy growth.

Over Seeding

It is very useful to help to replenish tired and drought affected areas and whole lawns. It is very important to make sure you have already prepared the lawn before over seeding; it can allow any new grass seed for getting established properly. Start by scarifying the lawn to remove any thatch & dead grass or other organic material, which will inhibit right germination with its top soil.