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Everything You Need To Know About Chris Osman’s Designs

Chris Osman is a former SEAL team member and also a founder of Tactical Assault Gear. Like many veterans, he operates a military-oriented business that sells tactical products. Chris osman designs range from tactical gears to stickers. There are some social media posts on his private and business profiles that you can visit. This way, you could see all the brands and individual preferences before buying yours. Many of his products showcase the casualty of the war that he has experienced. Inspired by his mental toughness, the designs he brought in the market are stunning. You might want to have a peak on his most purchased product designs online.

The Handler Bag

One of the popular Osman’s design is the Vortex handlebar bag. The materials come from the ideal of the special operations units great for tactical. It suits many types of handlebars with adjustable mounting straps to fit any size bars. The design inspired by military gear gives you the ability to mount it around several set-ups. It also has a durable bar clamps and gauge mounts with a water-resistant coating. Thus, giving you both a high abrasion and water resistance. The design gives your items dry, dust or dirt free and secure for all times. There are also some heavy-duty woven elastic slots for your other items. It can be great if you want to have a separate compartment and well divided open slots for storage. The handler bag is a convenient way to carry your everyday essentials on a cycle ride.

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Magnetic Tank Bag

Osman also has a tank bag with a magnetic design and shaped for a clean contoured look for any gas tanks. The magnets served as the placed lock of the bag in place without shifting. While cycle riding, regardless of speed, you can assure it won’t slip off. It has outer pockets that can hold smaller items like your sunglasses, wallet, and more. The tank bag also has a unique universal cell phone holder between the pockets. Its adjustable fit is essential to hold your valuables. The best of all, it has a hole so you can run a charging cable off your phone’s battery. Your cycle ride won’t be complete without the gloves for gripping.

Good Grip Gloves

Osman’s tactical set of gloves, the Mechanix is something you could put on fast. The gloves allow you to often operate bits of equipment without the hassle of taking it on and off. Its design is flexible enough to handle any of your mechanic works. Most of all, you can intend it for multipurpose use like riding, shooting, and other operations.

Great Designs For You

When you are looking for a tactical set of gears, you might want to consider some of Osman’s in your collection. Majority of the gears are military inspired design giving you a great finish. The flexibility of most gears offers convenience and ease of use. Also, you can ensure to bring all your small valuables with these tactical gears. If you have these problems working with your equipment, you now know what to have. And if your small things are what bothers you whenever you go out for a cycle ride, get your tank bag right.