The broader Idea

Embracing the techno music by Hamed Wardak

Hamed Wardak has been a prodigy since childhood. Born and raised in the family of defense minister of Afghanistan, he lived a disciplined life. He was often said to be one of a kind and his peers had always believed that he would grow up to create a ripple in the world. He is himself is a big bowl of talent that the world seeks and therefore has reached heights. He solely works based on his skills, and that is what makes him a true down to earth person.

Early life

Early life

Right after his secondary education, he moved to Georgetown to polish his skills and graduate in BA in Government and Political Theory. He has not just helped improve the lives of people around him but especially his hometown by returning home during the time of war during the civil wars. His business helped change the state and shape of his country in several ways. He solely believes that the outcome of the business is upon the teammates and is entirely based on the dedication and time given by each one of them. He believes in the practical theory of work.

Valen of Wicked 

It is Hamid’s music album that is a pure reflection of his life. “Valen” depicting the courage and strength that he endeavours to fight and ward off the difficulties and “Wicked” is the depiction of several deep-rooted evils in the society and also his bitter experiences in the past. The depth of understanding every human trait and absorbed by his past led to the creation of the heartfelt music album by Hamed Wardak.Moving from scratch to become one of the most common electronic techno music absorbed by every youth and several clubs, his music has become the sign that it is never too late to break the shackles of hatred and embrace the most prevailing feeling in the world – love.

Believing that music is a universal language understood and felt by everyone, Hamed has found a new way of engaging the youths and bridging the gap between the generations using his techno music. He believes that just like him, several warriors are battling the various challenges thrown by life. He has found music as a medium to instill courage and other vital traits required to fight with various challenges in his music album the Valen of Wicked, creating ripples that are worth the time.