About the company that was founded by Richelieu Dennis

Richelieu Dennis is the co-founder of the personal care company names Shea moisture and this company is mainly focused on body wash, conditioner, and shampoo. He has funded this company in the year 1991 along with his friend Nyema Tubman and his mother Mary Dennis who is very well known for making the beauty products from the recipes that were given by his grandmother Sierra Leonean who sold Shea butter in Bonthe’s village market at Sierra Leon in the year 1912.

A detailed view about the company Shea Moisture

In the year 2016, this Shea Moisture Company has launched the campaign under the name BreaktheWalls and this has promoted more empowerment and ethnic inclusion. The next year they have published another commercial along with the message for attracting many people #Break free from hair hate.

In the years 2015 and 2016, this company was voted as the overall favorite brand that was developed naturally and also got the best result in the annual survey. For the international and national experience of the company in producing eco-friendly products and the sustainable development of the company, this company was given the best ‘Award of earth defender” in the year 2020 by the environment possibility award.

The basic idea of this company was from Richelieu Dennis as in the early days during his college days, he used to sell the beauty products to his classmates that were given to him by his mother. As most people like this product, he got the idea of starting this business. He has contributed more for developing his business and also has achieved in this business and through he has won hearts of most of the people who like his product and used it. He is a good example of hard work and dedication will never fall.