Green cardamom pods

Why There’s An Interest In Exploring A Spice Called Cardamom Pods

Green cardamom pods are types of spices that are very popular in Guatemala. It’s known for its strong and pungent smell and eucalyptus-like taste. Its part of cooking and its part of a tradition as well that’s why if you see one in a Guatemalan family, just remember that it’s their tradition to have one in their homes. If you really want to have the freshest and the most organic pods, you should go personally to the place where it’s native to.

There are a variety of recipes that this type of spice is used. From coffee to ice cream, you name it, cardamom pods can be used any way you like. If you search online you can even see a ton of applications that you can apply this type of spice and you will be amazed just how much recipes of these that you can put it to good use. But first things first though, you need to learn how to use it. Sure, it’s easy to use it, but there are actually ways to use it properly that can harness its full potential which can be found online.

Cardamom Pods

Online sources: The fact is that there are so many online sources out there in which you can use as a reference to expanding your knowledge about as to how The spice can be used. As mentioned, this type of spice is a staple in Guatemala and has been part of their culture. So don’t be surprised if you will be able to see this type of spice in various foods that they have. Explore the possibilities and enhance your creativity. What better way to do this than by browsing online as a source.

Where to buy it: As mentioned, if you wish to get this fresh or organically, you better go to Guatemala because that is the surest way. But there are actually some really good brands that carry it really really well. Sadly most of it isn’t sold in the grocery stores. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t easily source this type of spice. This is because this type of spice can easily be sourced online.

Green cardamom pods might just seem like another weird spice that you haven’t heard before and most probably that’s true. But you should know that there’s a good reason why its part of the Guatemalan culture, thus it merits more respect. If you wish to know the reason why it’s highly prized, maybe you should find it out for yourself and try it out. There are already a ton of online sources that you can check for references. If you wish to know more about it, visit