What You Need to Know about Bees and Honey

What You Need to Know about Bees and Honey

Bees are winged insects that have over 20,000 species recorded around the world. They sometimes wander into homes as they look for a nesting place. They prefer areas that are dark and protected such as chimneys and wall voids. Any living area that has exposure to the outside environment is always at risk for bee infestations. These bees get into the living space by entering electrical outlets, baseboards, and wall cracks.

The existence of bees is significant to the environment particularly when it comes to pollination, but it can be bothersome and has the potential to become dangerous when a beehive thrives near your home. Bees are territorial and they will sting to protect their nests or themselves. Some bee stings are only slightly painful, but there are people who may be allergic to bee stings. Some bees are solitary but honey bees and bumblebees are very much social. Honeybees can live for up to five years, but the average lifespan is two to three years.

Beehive Removal

It can be scary to see bees swarming around your home or a tree in your garden. This is particularly true if a beehive is established inside your home. This is why you need professional help with this.

Swarming is a honey bees’ way of colony reproduction. When bees move to a new nest usually during spring, they form a beehive composed of 5,000 to 20,000 bees. Bee swarms are not harmful all the time. There are bee types like those in central and northern California that are docile, but Africanized honey bees are not any beehive whose bees are in dire need of food.

Bens Bees

Bee colonies may not really cause direct harm to any structural building. Occasionally, bees use water to soften the Sheetrock and remove it if they want to expand their nesting area. That’s when you can find an expanding damp area on the wall. There are times when they bore a hole through the Sheetrock for foragers to escape into your home. This can be scary and at the same time annoying. This is why bees that are forming a colony have to be removed.

Bee Swarm Prevention

Even if honeycombs have been removed professionally by companies like Bens Bees, the smell of beeswax remains. This is why it is crucial to seal off any hole in your wall that is as big as a pencil that leads into any spacious cavity.

Honey and Its Benefits

From the same professionals that help you take care of the beehive in your home, you can also buy fresh honey. Honey has a lot of benefits. It has several nutrients and is rich in antioxidants which can help reduce one’s blood pressure. It is also a healthy alternative to sugar, which is beneficial to diabetics.