Discover the best Tonic Water for gin

Discover the best Tonic Water for gin

Any gin enthusiast will inform you that tonic is a necessary mixer for every home bar, yet not all tonics are made equally. Many more prominent brands and new craft producers are making delicious waves with bubble beverages. The premium tonic water does comprise the majority of a G&T, after all, yet for some drinkers, it’s almost total after bought. Many consumers mix up a weeknight G&T with any tonic that they’re using.  While there are some high-end tonic brands on the market, that only consider quality tonics will make an enjoyable drink.

Know what is tonic water?

Tonic water is a type of soda water that is usually in mixed drinks. The carbonated beverage comprises different flavoring botanicals, this includes quinine originating from cinchona bark. This accounts for its bitter and dry taste. This is popularly poured into the gin and tonic. Tonic water is a unique, refreshing soda for various nonalcoholic drinks and cocktails enjoyed the world over.

Modern tonic water starts like other soft drinks, a flavored syrup is combined with carbonated water. Tonic syrup ingredients differ by brands that mostly include natural quinine and other botanicals. Tonic water is remarkable for its semi-bitter taste.

Check out the best premium tonic waters

  • Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

Fever-Tree creates high-quality tonics that improve normal cocktails. All ingredients are derived from natural sources. Fever Tree is the brand that has been the most responsible over years for supporting the entire gin and tonic category. Fever Tree’s tonic is more complex and spicy, with traces of exotic spice and peppercorns along with orange pith and pine resin.

  • Polar Tonic Water

The Polar’s tonic is mildly fruity and sweet, giving a hint of Persian lime. It is one of the heavier in the lineup with lemon-lime flavors that avoid the pitfall of seeming synthetic or chemical. It’s a bit forgettable yet it gets the job done.

  • Q Spectacular Tonic Water

Q’s tonic somehow had a slight gingery tone, yet overall the aroma is slightly mystery and subdued. On the palate, its bitterness and quinine flavor compared to most of the others, while being dry. This is a great choice once you’re searching for a more dry tonic that is mild in flavor.

  • Schweppes Tonic Water

One of the well-known affordable tonic waters in the world is produced by Schweppes. This is quite a soda and bright-like, with many lemon-lime, crossed with traces of ginger. It’s quite sweet and the soda-like comparison takes center and front with a candy-like citrus flavor. A mild bitterness only and is one of the sweetest and soda-like of the tonics. Though it may not be as artisanal as the others, Scheweppes’ tonic has herbal and fruit aromas with a pleasant hint of cloves.