Things You Could Pay Using Your Bitcoins

Things You Could Pay Using Your Bitcoins

Bitcoin is one of a kind digital currency but you can move it without banks and other financial organisations. You can make the most out of Bitcoins by buying and selling it. You have to know that the value fluctuates but as of this time, its value rose above $13,000 per coin if you sell btc. In fact, Bitcoins are so precious that it behaves like gold coins.

With its popularity, many merchants are seeing it as a form of payment – you can buy just about anything with Bitcoins. To put it simply, you can use it to purchase goods and services online as long as the merchants agree to it. You will be surprised what you could buy with your Bitcoins. Before proceeding with buying things, you need to store Bitcoins in your digital wallet. A digital wallet is a personal database that you store on your smartphone, cloud or computer device.

As soon as you settled your digital wallet, you can start shopping around for goods and services you like. Here are the things that you could pay with your Bitcoins:

Burger King’s Whopper

One of the first stores that accept Bitcoin payments is Burger King in the Netherlands. They started to accept Bitcoins payment in 2016 and it was a good move. For those who use digital currency to pay their Whoppers, Burger King offered one free Whopper.

Rolex watches

There is no surprise when Bitcoin made its way into luxury goods market like Rolex. Of course, it will depend on the luxury watch retailer to accept the digital currency. The good thing is there is an online luxury-watch retailer that accepts digital currency –

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In Japan, there are many merchants who accept Bitcoins. The recent convert is an electronics store named Bic Camera. This store is actually the largest electronics retailer in Japan.

Real estate
You will be glad to know that there is such a thing as Bitcoin Real Estate. There are many properties these days that accept Bitcoin payments. As long as the property seller accepts the currency, you can buy it equivalent to the value of your Bitcoins.

Taxi rides
If you happen to be in Hungary and Argentina with Bitcoins, you can easily pay your taxi rides with it. Many taxis there are now Bitcoin-friendly.

You can use Bitcoins these days to secure gold and other precious metals. You just need to ensure that the merchant is accepting Bitcoins.

Airplane tickets
For travelers out there, airplane tickets can be bought now using Bitcoins. There are online travel-booking sites that accept Bitcoins. If you want to try, you can check out sites like Expedia and

Charity donations

Your Bitcoin can help change the lives of many people. Some charities these days like Autism Speaks and Heifer International accept donations via Bitcoin.

If you do not want to buy, sell or use it as a form of payment, you can choose to tuck your Bitcoins away and wait for its value to increase over time. Whatever you choose, Bitcoins present you with an ideal investment. Before indulging, it is prudent to know everything about it so you can make an informed decision. Remember that like other investment, Bitcoins are risky.