multi-talented financier

David Milberg – A successful financial analyst and Broadway investor

David Milberg is an expert financial analyst and also he is well-known for his passion for arts. Many would think about his opposite fields, but he remains to be successful in both fields. He has balanced both his career and passion successfully. Many would leave professional work for passion or vice versa. But david milberg could balance both the works and shines in both fields. With his experience in both fields, now he is serving as Senior Vice President in Milberg factors and Board of director in various theatre companies.

David Milberg success stories:

David Milberg has started his career in banking and finance immediately after his graduation. He joined the role of analyst position At Bankers Trust Company in 1987. He served different roles and left the company to pursue a Master’s degree in business administration. He was very successful during his master’s degree and has made himself stand out from his peers. So, it gives him an opportunity to become a teaching assistant at the Business School. In addition, david milberg was honored with an accounting prize and a call to join the Beta Gamma Sigma society.

In 1990, in the time of summer, he has interned as an associate in a reputed investment firm Lehman Brothers. His dedication and his performance during the intern made him get a permanent position at the same firm. Within five years, he got the position of Vice president. Later, in 1995 his father asked David Milberg to make a switch to Milberg Factors. Also, Leonard Milberg promised that he would make him president within few months.

 the multi-talented financier

He became the president and has brought many changes to the company. He modernized the firm by launching internet access, e-mail, developing online reports for clients, and many others. With the modernization techniques, the firm could meet the specific needs of the clients. Later, in 2015 David Milberg has stepped down as president of the firm. But he remained active in managing and handling client accounts.

In addition to his financial career, David Milberg has equally given his importance to the arts. The Prospect Theatre Company has founded by five of Milberg’s fellow graduates of Princeton University. Since its establishment, the company has supported many talented artists. It started with a few members and now the network has grown to over 1000 artists all over the globe. The company has presented over 30 musicals. Milberg has produced the record-breaking musical play, The Producers and it has won the 12 Tony awards.