Tamil Movies For Family On Aha Ott

Tamil Movies For Family On Aha Ott

Do you want to see power-packed action and romantic Tamil drama movies? You can watch them on aha OTT? The platform hosts the best movies for people of different age groups. These drama movies are a must-watch and will take you to the less travelled routes of romance and drama.

  1. Payanigal Gavanikkavum

It is the best Tamil drama moviethat brings the common person’s reality onto the silver screen. In this movie, protagonist Ezhilan’s daughter got admitted to the hospital and spent two sleepless nights there. Exhausted father slept in the metro train, and Antony, a social media addict, captured the photo and published it with the caption, drunkard sleeping in a metro.

And then the drama unfolds; watch the full movie to know what happens next.

  1. Mail

This aha Tamil movie was full of twists and turns. The story is about an innocent young boy fascinated with the world of computers and the internet. He was elated when a villager opened a gaming centre in his village, thus allowing him to explore the world a little more. However, an email unfurls a series of dramatic events. Rated among the highly watched Tamil movies, the mail movie will hook you to your couch.

  1. Highway

The film highway seems to have taken inspiration from real-life incidents. It is way above the standard romantic stories and pierces the audience’s heart with its heart-melting shots. The boy and girl met, and they fell in love, but suddenly a twist happened, wherein the serial killer kidnapped the girl, and the hero tries several ways to save his lady love, but will he be able to do that, watch this movie to know more.

  1. Pizza

Pizza is a romantic thriller movie that showcases the love and affection of two madly in love fallen couple Kiran and Meera. Things were going great between them, but suddenly Kiran started receiving threatening emails, nude pictures, and videos of his girlfriend from a stalker. It took him by surprise, but soon he understood and tried to save her life. But the twist and turn do not end here; he landed on a truth that was too difficult to digest. Watch this movie to get into the world of drama.

Other Tamil drama movies worth watching are Sabhaapathy, Jeans, etc. These aha Tamil movies will take you to unexpected turns and give you a reason to sit tucked on your couch.