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Revolutionization In Association With Sinclair Broadcast Group

A lot of thought goes behind changing a brand name; the brand is the image and reputation of a product. To change, it needs a solid reason. Fox Sports regional networks will soon be rebranded to Bally Sports. This news is now official since it was itself announced by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

A deal was signed between Bally and Sinclair declaring Sinclair as their new naming rights partner concerning the regional sports networks matters. It is changed because it is trying to promote itself as a gambling brand since gambling is becoming more accepted; this is an added advantage.

Brand marketing and its importance in the deal

Sinclair Broadcast Group

  • Bally is a very old brand name, which we thought would probably be replaced by some new brands. But, the ability to change and adapt is what has made the brand iconic. The rebranding is an effort to create a positive image of online betting and gaming. It is important to burst myths.
  • Bally has been in the business of casinos and its machine manufacturing for a very long time now. When such a huge name is being given to fox sports, it is bound to rise and create a bigger history. Sinclair Broadcast Group has taken this decision in consultation with the bally marketing consultancy. The new brand has the iconic red typography, and the official logo is already unveiled.
  • This brand change hopes to bring revolution and transformation in the world of gaming. Gone are the days when people would watch people playing games on T.V.; now, with so many options available, people want to explore and experience more.

There will be a change of experience and the thought process, but nothing more will change for the viewers. More than the viewership concerns, this step is taken to market the brand name and capture more market. It is a matter of personal interest for both companies. Sinclair already has many big names to its portfolio, this will be an addition, and the deal will also profit the company in terms of huge revenue. Other than that, it is going to revolutionize the way people view betting and gambling. During the pandemic, so much access to technology has created a positive image, and people have gained more acceptance towards gaming and betting. Now, a huge brand name coming forward with this will create more acceptance.