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Know what is Moviepass and its pros and cons

Love watching a lot of movies along with friends, family, or alone in the theatre for almost free. But the question is, how is it possible? First, you have to choose a monthly payment option so that you get a chance to watch movies in the theatre every month. Moviepass services are offered to the users for subscription service and can watch favourite movies per day. It is great watching movies on a big screen which brings a captivating moment for the users. Since these benefits are applicable although it also carries some pros and cons, before proceeding with anything new you must be aware of it properly. Let us know some pros and cons of having a moviepass.

Pros and cons of movie pass

Pros of movie pass

Great idea

You all are aware of the ticket prices, the way it is rising day by day seems difficult to watch a movie. Therefore for your convenience, the moviepass had recommended the plans of per month subscription. Do not worry; the subscription amount is not so high; it is affordable. The money you put into the plans is worthwhile; hence, it is a great idea to go for true movie lovers.

No blackout dates

This service is applicable for daily use in a year also if any tickets are available then one among all can be yours.

Track your progress

The app will keep the tracks of movies that you have watched. Also keeps track of when you watch a movie at what time every detail. This thing is done to make the work easy to recall all your choices as well.

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Captivating bonus

You might not be pleased all the time by the technologies. But once you sign up for a movie pass, then you are mailed with a debit card. While you buy a movie ticket, your card is loaded immediately with the ticket amount.

Cons of moviepass

No 3D or Imax facility

So the disadvantage about this is that it won’t let you watch a 3d or Imax movie.

Must purchase online

Meaning for selecting showtime, you need to check the app that includes only 100 yards. Therefore this thing makes it quite tough.

No premium theatres facility

If you want to watch a movie with great picture quality, then you cannot watch it as these facilities are not available for this.

Therefore these all were some of the advantages and disadvantages of moviepass that you must be aware of perfectly.