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How to find free movies on YouTube

Do you want to watch series and movies on YouTube for free? In this report, we tell you how you can see these contents completely and completely free of charge. Take note!

YouTube is the platform for streaming video par excellence and in practice works as a social network in which anyone can upload and share their own videos on the Internet.

Or at least that’s how it was at the beginning. Over time, domestic videos have been joined by music clips, web series, television programs, and even full movies.

It is true that YouTube abounds with all types of pirated content channels, although Google strives to eliminate as fast as it can. There are also paid video clubs like the official channel YouTube Movies, or the channels of the film distributors themselves. But you can also find many free full and legal movies.

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Manual search

Once you have taken advantage of the free YouTube Premium trial month, the next option to find free and complete movies on YouTube is the most direct: use the YouTube search engine. Think of an old title or public domain and write it in the search engine with the ” full movie ” tagline. You can also use ” complete Spanish ” or ” complete Castilian “.

Search for famous online movies

If they are legal titles you will almost certainly find them. If they are new productions, the videos may be deactivated or they may be of poor quality.

Free and modern

When talking about free movies,  there is no shortage of comments, a bit derogatory, like ” sure they are old movies of those black and white “. And this is partly the case because for a film to lose the author’s rights decades must have passed since its premiere, or its authors have renounced their rights. But there are also distributors or producers who, as a promotion, publish free movies or modern series on YouTube.