Man Of Dreams And Bravery

A Man Of Dreams And Bravery: A Heart To His Nation

Hamed Wardak belongs to what they called the hero of the nation. Although he is not claimed as one of the heroes in the nation, he is still renowned. Good to know that there is a man who loved music, and uses it for good deeds. The man who has high dreams for his nation is on the move now. Wardak sees a beautiful future through his music.

Who is Hamed?

The life of Wardak briefly explained here. Hamed was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, by the formerly Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak. He had much of his time growing up divided between Pakistan and the United States. Hamed graduated as a class valedictorian at Georgetown University. He has taken up the Government and Political Theory degree. Also, he is one of those students who luckily received a Rhodes Scholarship.

sound of Valen of Wicked

The sound of Valen of Wicked

It is no longer new to the world that Hamed is the founder of Valen of Wicked, a new-found music production. He sees a beautiful future in his way through music. For him, he used the term wicked, good and bad experiences can become an inspiration to give sympathy to others. Needy people are individuals who need help. These individuals need more attention and help that made Hamed venture into the music industry. He used diverse sounds and beats from different cultures, mixed it up to create good music. Wardak’s goal is to build a beautiful future. The distinct style of atmospherically-specific techno music made opened the eyes of the many. Hamed, the musician and producer, had made his part upon venturing into the music industry.

Inspired by his father

The position of his father shapes Hamed. His father served the nation, which made him served Afghanistan too. Under the leadership of his father, Hamed discovered how brave his father is. So, he is decided to help the nation too after he graduated in college. The time he returned to Afghanistan, he decided to serve the nation, the same with his father. But, he has his way of helping Afghanistan. Hamed got involved in a business.

The music venture

Hamed showed the ability to take challenges in life at an early age. The ability to find creative solutions and focused on carrying him to a successful and multi-faceted career in varied aspects and venues. He never stops in his work, especially in music, early successes are achieved.