The Academic Excellence of A Budding Entertainer

Hamed Wardak is a special being from birth and has maintained this special nature to date; there is still la lot of space for him to spread his tentacles. He is full of talents capable of adding values to the entertainment world and to everyone that comes across him, both in his home country, Afghanistan and beyond. He is a likable personality, an individual that all and sundry will love to associate with. He is also a source of inspiration to many people, both young and old, and he is an individual with a special aura of hope.  Many in Afghanistan and even in the United States see him as a symbol of hope to many who plan to also rise in the world o entertainment.

Hamed Wardak is a scholar, aside from being an excellent entertainer. He spent most of his schooling years in the United States and he emerged one of the best in his classes.  He was one of the Rhodes Scholars as a college student in the United States. The idea of naming Rhodes Scholars started in the United States in 1902. Since that year to date, 32 college students are selected each year and named Rhodes Scholars.

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The students that got such recognition are thus elected because of their accomplishments as proficient scholars. The students are also thus recognized for their devotion to others, engagement and integrity, as well as, being generally good.  Rhodes Scholars are equally recognized for their potentials for effectiveness in every specialty that their vocation may point to.

Other dignitaries that were once Rhodes Scholars are Bill Clinton, former United States president, George Stephanopoulos, Rachel Madow and Kris Kristofferson.  This same award was given to Hamed Wardak in 1997.  He is a budding star in the entertainment world and one of the best the world should watch out for in the future.