The Drivers of California, the largest and possibly the richest State of the USA, are a special breed. They have to negotiate one of the most complex and tricky road networks in the world. In spite of the fine maintenance of these roadways, the constant upgrading of the driving system and road connectivity to improve traffic movement and safety creates its own problems for the driver community. This has led to a new concept of the art of driving, which is being called “Defensive Driving”. The California drivers ed course is reckoned as the best way for Teens to obtain their first DMC Driving Permit.

The Essentials

The California drivers ed course has some of the following characteristic advantages:


  • The course can be fully online.
  • It is California DMV approved for obtaining the Permit to drive on Californian roads..
  • It includes the Certificate of Completion (CC).
  • The course can be completed in Sections, which makes it easy for people in occupations or already having heavy daily workloads.
  • The course is therefore not only time-saving, but also quite light on the pocket of the aspirant.
  • A typical cost of the online course is only around USD$30.
  • The CC can then be presented by the candidates to the DMV, for issue of Provisional Driving Permit.
  • Teens between 15 ½ and 17 ½ years are eligible, but must first complete approved driving education course.
  • The provisional driving license can be applied for teen drivers at the age of 16 years and upwards.
  • Both the drivers ed course and behind-the-wheel training course must be completed beforehand.
  • Fully safe and secure driving is the target of all DMV approved courses, whether in physical classrooms or online.
  • To this end, the techniques of Defensive Driving must be absorbed by all California drivers.