professional writing industry


There are scammers lurking everywhere and anything you can imagine and sadly even in the professional writing industry particularly in the field of resume writing, there are a lot of scammers who victimizes people who are seeking to enhance their chances to land a job by improving their profiles in their resumes.

If you’re using a search engine and type in “resume writer”, you’ll encounter a lot of them from different websites, forums and social media accounts who all promise quality service and it’s pretty hard to tell which one has an honest to goodness service? In this article let me help you identify a scam professional resume writer and prevent becoming a victim in the future.

Regular resume writers

Professional resume writers are the people whose jobs are to make their clients submit a neat and presentable resume to their potential employers by creating a very convincing and well-presented resume for job application purposes. Instead of creating a conventional resume, professional resume writers do factual background about their clients by creating a more in-depth and informative resume for their clients. Their expertise in this kind of field has been very helpful to a lot of career-oriented people on many occasions already because of their ability to utilize their specialty in different knowledge about different industries.

There’s a great chance that if you have a very good and presentable resume will gain interest from the interviewer which will give you more chances to land that job that you are seeking. However, professional resume writers are often hired by people who are seeking executive positions; most of them earn more than $30-thousand dollars a month or even higher which makes these writers a bit expensive when it comes to their service. A regular professional resume writer often earns $2,000 in a single client making them an ideal subject for scammers.

Here is the list of tips to avoid you from scammers:

  1. SEARCH FOR ACCREDITED WRITERS- It’s easy to spot an accredited professional resume writer. Just ask them if they have any certificate from either the National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA) or from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC). If they can’t provide you any of the mentioned certifications, then you should start to back yourself and look for another writer.
  2. ASK QUESTIONS- It’s not harmful to ask questions from the professional resume writer that you’re planning to hire because like most of us, we want every single penny in our pocket worth the price of the service we want to avail. Ask them about their career background, their experience in resume writing, their educational background. Meet them personally is a very great way to know them better.
  3. ASK FOR THEIR PRICE LIST- Regular resume writers earn their income by charging their clients at an hourly rate depending on their client’s request and job order. They can charge from $15-dollars up to $100-dollars an hour. You should feel suspicious if your resume writer doesn’t conduct an interview about your career background, your career goals, your capabilities, skills and forte that makes you a worthy candidate for that job.