What to think about when buying used or new lab equipment?

What to think about when buying used or new lab equipment?

When you have plans of buying lab equipment is the same as buying a car. There are also different models for you to choose from and different vendors that sell them. You have a choice of choosing to buy new scientific equipment or saving money by buying used equipment. When you buy used lab equipment there are risks that you have to know and look forward to handling. These are the things that you have to assess on what kind of lab equipment you have to use.

Know the equipment you need.

When you have to purchase a new car, the first thing you have to think about is whether you need a truck or an SUV type. It happens also the same with the lab equipment for you to know what kind you need in your laboratory. Also considering a certain model or brand are ideal for your lab’s research. You have to identify and know your basic requirements before you can buy anything.

Inquire for demonstrations

Buying a certain vendor you can ask them to give a demonstration about the equipment that you are going to buy. This is for you to have an idea of how it works. As there are buyers that are only buying their equipment without even asking for a demonstration. And later on, they realize they don’t know how it works. It makes a good example when you are buying a car without testing it for driving. You will not know whether it applies to your research or not.

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Discuss between vendors

After you get a quotation from different vendors you can negotiate with them to lower the price that is expensive. You don’t have to list the price of every piece of lab equipment but you can negotiate which is the same when you are buying a car. When you get a lower quote from the other company you can tell them that you can get a price from another retailer. That way it can give you the privilege to get a discount price.

Know about service contracts

The service contracts can be an optional add-on to every purchase you made. After the warranties are expired there are chances that something might happen with your equipment. Whether it is used or new. Rather than paying for a contractor to fix you can have a service contract. You only have to pay a monthly fee depending on the problem. Later on, it will save you money when there are lots of problems to get fixed. To look for a service contract you have to think about whether it has a warranty from the manufacturer. Make it a habit of reading all the contracts before you sign to ensure that everything that was discussed by a sales representative is there.