What are different types of Storage boxes?

There offer different types of on demand storage boxes and you just need to select the range which suits you the best. They are not made of simple cardboard boxes but are designed as storage box that are durable, easy to use and provides you maximum storage capacity as top priority. Each and every storage box is measured in a combination of 21.6 cubic feet (46″x19″x42″) of storage space. This type of combination is available in six types of Yes Storage boxes. Now using these six different kinds of storage boxes, you can make your own 44 different combinations to store your belongings.

How efficient is Yes Storage?

Yes Storage is a trusted storage service provider that is functional since 2006, and lends its services till now for more than 10,000 houses in Hong Kong. Their service is contract based which includes one set of storage box, to store the goods and transportation of the same. We know that it is hard to trust anyone when dealing with your own goods, but Yes Storage is one stop shop that satisfies all your needs in the following ways:


  1. They provide round the clock climate control measurements of your valuable goods.
  2. They have their own Professional warehouse (G4S) and security system (SAP).
  3. They provide you free water and fire damage insurance.
  4. They lock each box with protective clothes.
  5. They have their own professional team members who take the initiation of transporting your goods.

What are you waiting for? Book this mini storage service provider by just filling up the enquiry form with your full details which include your Name, Contact number, Email-ID, your purpose and source of order. Transfer your goods from one place to another according to your convenience with just one click on on demand storage that satisfies all your needs by sitting at your own home. Choose this hassle free Service provider to transfer your goods which got the best award as “Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand” in 2012 and also received Employer Retraining Board Manpower Developer Award in 2013.